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OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 6/22/15 (Public Version)

OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - June 22, 2015
Meeting began at 7:20

9 people present: ​Including 2 newcomers and one person by telephone

Personal check-ins

Welcome Newcomers:
Explained Objections Method Consensus.
​Demonstrated our meeting hand signals.
​Reviewed the OSC meeting schedule and upcoming OSC events.
    Note: there will be no meetings in August due to Summer Break.
Newcomer intros will wait until newcomers return to the next meeting.

​Reports Back

​W​ent to the Living Wage meeting at City Hall. 
    180 people are getting raises. 
    No IHS workers will receive increases.  

Working on sprouting plants for next teach ins.

​Taking part in Elder Salon and invited us to this talk on Thurs.  

​Catching up on Y-Tube videos about GMOS
                David versus Goliath and more. 

​Dealing with a recent 'incident' which was an unexpected event. 

​Had a great weekend with two Solstice events. 

​Has been working on next teach-in publicity. 
    Issuing press releases.
    ​Has updated this system and now requests people to RSVP.
                 They're responding and building relationships with people in the press. 
                  It's all working much better.
                  ​Some key media contacts are now​ follow​ing​ us on Twitter.
    ​Passed around a get well card for Mumia Abu Jamal who is being neglected in a prison hospital.  He is very ill. 
    ​Also passed around a card to donate for the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers who will be meeting in Africa this year.
        Note: we donated $15.

Doing fine and will help with plant sprouts. 
​    Scored some more plants at an event on Friday night. 
        We now have some tomato plants to offer at the Media Teach Ins

Spending time with family and has gone camping in Tahoe. 
​Dealing with knee problems.                    
​Had nothing to take care of since the MAM.
​Did a show on KOWS about the Neil Young album soon to be released about Monsanto.  
​Did a show on the march and corporations are not people. 
Also the two year anniversary of E Snowden and NSA and US drone war progress. 


Evaluation Of MAM

What went well.  Plant sale, tabling, donations, organization of the MAM.

Coordinating with the police and the ​marching band went really well. 

Having a porta potty was a good thing and having the power be on this year was an added plus.  Some music failed at the last minute but overall the rally was short and sweet.

​Was stressed.  Some of our needed helpers didn't show.  Had troubles with the mic and felt awkward in front of a large crowd.  Actually gave a speech with the notes which had been intended for being an MC.  In spite of this mishap, did an excellent job and the opening speech was very energizing.

Thrilled at cross section of people.  ​D​isappointed we didn't have more.  ​W​e learned about publicity. There was an article about it in the PD 2 weeks prior.

​Was interviewed by KPFA.

​Liked all the good signs.

KBBF-FM radio was there interviewing people.

Would've liked to see more of friends be there from Sebastopol.

Was very pleased with the event.  Number of hours put into preparation doesn't always equal the number of people who show up.  ​I​t's not a matter of getting the word out.  What motivates people to show up?  Strategy.  Felt energy of the day was very 'sweet'.  ​T​he number of people ​(approximately 300) ​were as many as we could handle comfortably with us being such a small group.  Beautiful weather.  Great team work.  ​Three great volunteers​ showed up without asking.
We raised $650.00.  A third from tabling, a third from plant sales, and a third from buckets being passed in the crowd. 
We had excellent response to endorsements and it was well publicized at the grass roots level.
On the down side.  ​W​ished that Global MAM didn’t pick Memorial Day weekend because people go away that weekend.  We all agreed t​hat we will​ contact them with this feedback.
We didn't really have an MC but it worked anyway. 
Great speakers.  ​G​reat job of getting speakers.  Needed better communication.​  ​Rally coordination wasn't really clear.
Some folks flaked at the last minute.  This stress fell ​mostly on one person​.   In the future, we need to have a dependable crew.
One food vendor would've been enough.  i.e. ​V​egan food truck contacted us to support MAM so they would be our first choice as food vendor in the future.
​Take a year to do another march rather than three months if we decide to have one next year.

Next Steps For GMO Campaign:

Sept. 21 will be a bilingual GMO teach in
    We'll show a 20 minute movie in Spanish with English subtitles
    We want a presentation on urban self sufficiency. 
        Grow your own food
There are some loose ends with this event
    Co-sponsors and community support
    Bilingual presentation
    Handouts in Spanish
        We have GMO handouts in Spanish
​        Need gardening handouts and backyard chickens​
We are adding a Spanish GMO page to our website​ by Sept. 1​
The Media Skills teach in will be July 6 and 20th
Come to the teach in and promote it
    We all took flyers
Meeting ended at 9:20.

Monday July 27th will be our next GMO Campaign meeting

Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.

Meeting date: 
Monday, June 22, 2015
Short Title: 
OSC GMO Campaign Meeting Notes - 6/22/15 (Public Version)
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