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Black bloc

(Black Block/Black Bloc anarchist) Black Bloc is not a group and does not define individuals. Black Bloc is a tactic used by some Anarchists. Anarchists who use the Black Bloc tactic believe that destruction of corporate property is not violence. They believe that the existence of the corporation is violence and that the daily deeds of the corporations are violent. Destruction of the environment is violence. Foreclosing someone’s home is violence. Smashing the windows of one of these corporations is a political statement against this violence.

Part of the Black Bloc tactic is to wear all black and to wrap and conceal the face. They carry a plain black flag. The flag, black attire, and concealed face are symbolic of representing all people. Someone doing a Black Bloc is representing all oppressed people by fighting back against the corporations and the police state that upholds and protects the corporations.

A successful Black Bloc requires a large demonstration where the Black Bloc Anarchists can blend into the crowd and do their activism. They smash corporate windows, ATMs, and anything owned or symbolized by the corporation(s) they are protesting. One Black Bloc tactic is when they create shields and form a line together to fight back against a police attack of protesters. In a large demonstration they will form a line at the front of the protest to form a shield protecting protesters. They also de-arrest protesters by systematically pulling arrested protesters away from police and blend that person back into the crowd.

Anarchists using the Black Bloc are committed to a high moral of non-violence, within their own definition that includes destruction of corporate property. They are bound by a moral ethic to never commit violence against another person, including a police officer. For example, they will roll a tear gas canister back towards the police but will not throw it directly at them which could cause them injury. One Black Bloc Anarchist stood still with their hands at their sides while they were punched in the face by a “non-violence peacekeeper” and did not fight back due to their morality to never attack a person; not even in self-defense. The purpose of the Black Bloc tactic is to raise awareness of the crimes of the corporations against the people. Of all tactics and factions within the protest movement this is the most controversial. Many protesters object to the destruction of private property for moral reasons and oppose it as an act of violence, and others object for tactical reasons and believe that it alienates the public. The unpopularity of this tactic among the public as well as most protesters makes this a prime tactic of police officers who wish to discredit our movement. Undeniable photographic evidence exists to prove that a mock Black Bloc can be done by a group of disguised police officers to make our protests unpopular to the public. If a so-called "Black Bloc" is attacking anything but corporate property it is not a group of Anarchists. Anarchists would not smash car windows, or the windows of any small business or home.

Black Bloc is a tactic used in large protests in the large cities and are planned well in advance. It is unlikely that we will see this type of protest here in Sonoma County, and certainly not from any of us. None of us in OSC ascribe to this tactic but show respect for all groups and ideologies. There is much disagreement among protesters about this tactic but the protest movement does not belong to any group or any style.

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