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Take the Plastic Free July Challenge!

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Occupy Sonoma County is joining millions of people worldwide in Plastic Free July.

Download our Plastic Challenge Action Picker here

We urge everyone to join the global challenge at where participants are counted and receive information on how to reduce plastic consumption.

Participation can range from choosing to refuse a handful of items for a single day, refusing all plastic for the entire month, or anything in between.

A Zero Waste lifestyle considers how products are made and disposed of. Every bit of plastic ever made still exists. Switch from plastic to renewable and reusable packaging. Put pressure on manufacturers and the government to end single-use plastic.

Plastics break into smaller and smaller pieces that do not decompose becoming permanent pollution which is toxic to fish, wildlife and the environment. Recycling is not the solution to this problem. Plastic that is recycled is typically downcycled into weaker products such as single-use bags that must be landfilled.

For more information, subscribe to our weekly newsletter that includes information about plastic problems and solutions in every issue.

What are you doing to reduce your plastic consumption?

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