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11/16/15 - Body Oppression Teach-in

Body Oppression Teach-In
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We will explore the issue of body oppression: how we are treated,
stereotyped, privileged and shamed by how we look. We will examine size,
skin color, age, ability, and many other factors which affect body
What beliefs, conditioning and myths do we have for ourselves and others
about who is attractive, healthy and socially acceptable? What do we
provide for those with "appropriate" bodies and deny to those whose bodies
are outside our norms?
What happens in the doctor's office? In the workplace? In the privacy of
our relationships? On the street? What happens in the minds and hearts of
our children? What would a world without body oppression look like?

*Please bring your own personal stories, thoughts, opinions and feelings;
we want to hear from everyone.*

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